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Usually aftermarket lines come with a generic banjo fitting at the caliper end so they would fit any Subaru caliper (The OEM one has a little leg to stop it spinning). GC has a different bracket on the front struts to GD. GC has a small metal clip and GD bolts onto the strut.


I’m sure the banjo is the same in the back but I can’t recall if there is a difference in the bracket.


You most likely want a GC kit unless you have changed the front struts to a GD style coilover or something.

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1 hour ago, RaKid said:

Hi - thanks for replying - what I'm really wanting to know is, what SS brake hose kit should I but if I run Brembo brakes - GC or GD?

GC kit.



The banjo fittings on the brembo calipers are the same size as the Sumitomo 4 pot calipers.



Some brake lines have a little locating leg, which isn’t used but doesn’t get in the way either.

Here is a GC8 line on a brembo caliper.


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13 hours ago, IZichard said:

GC kit.





1 hour ago, pedro said:

I got mine from Racebrakes aus/trademe..

Tell the guy what you are doing and he will sort it out..



I've had a good experience with them previously - they are local too. Will give them a bell.


17 minutes ago, sobanoodle said:




Mine were from them - good quality/fitment /price, no complaints at all. 



Nice - Need to decide what brand but as long as they work I don't particularly mind

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This thread can be archived I guess - thank you for all the responses. I think the idea is to purchase brake hoses that match your chassis.


I purchased Goodridge ones and they came with 4 brake lines, 2 pairs of different lengths that were unlabelled, and 8 new copper crush washers. Pretty sure I got them the right way around but pays to double check.

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