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B4 RSK Bumper on BH5 GTB


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Hi all,


New to the forums, but am slowly starting to piece together a list of parts and what to keep an eye out for when I go BH5 GTB hunting. I am dead set on one, and am aiming to have one by the end of the year. Based on combing the available forum posts I have got a solid list of parts and things to look for, but I haven't found much on this topic. Now, I don't particularly love how the front bumper of the BH5, but the BE5 B4 RSK front bumper looks very nice, especially in white. It's something about those spotties and the front valance / things below the spotties. Is it a simple bolt on job or are the dimensions of the BH and BE different to the point where this couldn't work?


Thanks in advance!

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  • Admin

Welcome to the forums!

As long as you keep within the same revision you'll be fine.  There is four (five) revisions of the bh/be chassis - A, B, C ,D (E Australia Market). A/B/C should all be compatible, whereas D(E) has slightly different geometry around the lights. Rev D was produced from mid 2001 onw ards - I have a revD BH5

Rev A/B/C look like this:

Rev D looks like this:



There are also minor differences between rev A/B/C mechanically. Many people liken the rev Ds to a completely different setup mechanically, especially around the twin turbo operation

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Thanks for the welcome!


Yeah I only want the Rev D, and the RSK models that I have seen are Rev D, so if I was to find the Rev D RSK front bumper I could just bolt it on in theory? I do want the Rev D due to the ECU tuning, and the apparent less issues with the VOD. Also want the bigger turbskis 😎

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Oh no way, there actually is. My TM filters missed this because its an auto and I want the manual. That looks pretty good, but it's interesting that they don't know its not factory. Yeah those front left and right bumper extensions look good, and the spotties being the kinda winged shape where they taper up to a point looks great. Seeing the black version I do like the white front end better, it shows the extensions better. If I were to get one without trying for the RSK front end, I would be happy with a black because I do love a fully blacked out car.

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Correct me if I'm wrong by RSK is just a turbo B4 (JDM designation), K stands for a Kompressor in German . Same as GT-B in a wagon form. The trim bits you're referring to are just optional part numbers. 


You'd need a fair bit of luck finding a complete bumper with all three bits still attached. 

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I wouldn't need the bumper straight away so it would just be something to keep an eye out for, more important bits to get first me thinks. Had a google last night and found the plastic bits and the centre section for sale, but postage included it was 6-800 NZD, no bumper included which was eye-watering. Good to know I could buy those parts if required though.

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