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GetaDomTune Cylinder 4 mod


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Has anyone tried this cooling mod? Besides Dom’s post I've yet to find any real data from others proving it actually has done what it should do.

It basically just allows coolant to exit the head at the back which promotes flow around cylinder 4 which ’apparently’ tends to stagnate a bit with the normal routing.


There doesn't seem to be much of a downside other than reducing flow through the heater core which isn't a huge biggy round these ways.


Kinda keen to give it a go on the new motor since it'll be super easy to do before putting it in. Obviously I'll make up my own kit rather than pay 80+USD for a small length of hose, T, bung and a few clamps.




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Don't think they ever changed anything, no evidence of any real changes to the castings after the move to dual avcs.


Chances are the temp variance was within spec for stock power levels and it's only once pushing things that it starts to really show up. 


The only one I know of that they tweaked was the V7 spec C which got a completely different casting for The right hand head due to coolant limitations apprently. Normal was RHS20V but the Spec C got RHC, left head stayed the same with the LHS20V

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