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Would this damage my catalytic converter?

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Hey guys!

Just got my new High Flow Downpipe in the post today and was super excited.


Stupidly, I packed it up to put away for later and forgot I cut the bottom open, so I picked up the box and the entire exhaust came out and crashed onto my garage floor. Only probably from half a metre up so i am not worried about the exhaust as it is strong stainless steel, but wondering if I could have damaged the Subsrate of the catalytic converter?


It is a 100 cell metallic one and I had a look I can't see any dents or damaged "holes" but if something was damaged slightly, would it still work?


And is dropping it from around half a metre high onto concrete floor likely to damage the catalytic converter materials/honeycomb thing.




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2 minutes ago, Loren said:

Jesus dude, stop worrying so much. It'll be fine.


I know man sorry it is just my anxiety I am quite a perfectionist when it comes to things I own I hate having s*** damaged. I don't even park my car next 2 cars as I am scared people are going to open the door on it haha.


Sometimes it can be a burden...

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