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Turboing a Non-Turbo


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Hey everyone, got a quick question here but am unable to find a definitive answer online so thought I would ask you guys. If i was to turbo a non-turbo 1992 bc5 VZ, how much of the engine/cabin wiring loom would need to be changed? Also is it as easy as unplugging and swapping over a turbo loom? Im guessing it isnt but worth an ask. Thanks all

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Cheaper/easier/less hassle to sell yours and buy an already turbo model 
will require engine,gearbox,Diff, hubs, brakes, suspension, full wiring loom out of donor
It will then require driveshaft hoops and a cert for the engine swap 
all up probably $5-10k


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Thanks for the replies but really only asking about the wiring side. As i recently got a dereged rs legacy which has everything mentioned above and more. So am fully capable of swapping everything over but the only thing im unsure about is the loom. Is it a simple engine loom swap or swapping the whole cars loom?

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