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06 Outback 3.0, will be ok on the Sand? (Muriwai)

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I use to take my old outback along the sand in NSW and I see there is a club for Brumbies etc up Stockton Beach (above Newcastle)

Does anybody take their AWD Subarus up NZ beaches?

I mainly want to for fishing along Muriwai and 90 mile beach.

Will buy some beach retrieval gear of course as everybody gets stuck once in their lives. 

I also wonder if there is a set of tyres that would be suited for the sand and for the road? Currently on Potenza's but I imagine next January they will need replacing, already done 55kkm on them.

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5 hours ago, Bugle said:

The thought of all that salt/sand makes my soul weep but I'm sure many folk do

I dont know why but my last one had no issues what so ever. its almost like they used anti corrosive spray on the under carriage. I always use an under carriage washer  with some saltaway.

But many SUV/4wds get on the sand, Outbacks were designed just for Tarmac. If I was going for a nice drive on road only, Id go a B4 legacy/Liberty. Nice firm ride in those. 

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