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BP5 Turbo misfire/running rough issue solved.

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Straight to the point:

No CEL on just vehicle running very rough especially at idle it would nearly die. Cold or hot just ran like crap. When driving at higher revs it was nearly impossible to notice anything wrong. Read on and you will see why. Scanned the ECU using Launch scanner and nothing. Read on here about these stupid AVCS Filters located in the Bango bolt oil feeds to the Left and Right Bank AVCS solenoids. Very simple to reach each bango bolt from above (17mm socket) and check the filters. The right one had begun falling apart but the left one was munted.Then removed the left AVCS solenoid. Again simple just a 10mm bolt. Sure enough a piece of the filter was jammed in the solenoid holding the solenoid piston in the advanced position (see photo). You can see the mark on the piston where it normally sits when resting. Simply pried the piston back carefully and removed the piece of plastic. Put the solenoid back in and happy days all fixed. Stupid little problem that could leave alot of people running in circles checking spark plugs etc when this is a far easier check. I had tried checking the Solenoid Positions live data with the Launch scanner before pulling things apart but sadly the scanner could not show me this data.

I really hope this helps someone. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 5.39.37 pm.png

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What adaptor were you using? I've only done it with a Tactrix before which works well for tracking OCV duty against the AVCS angle to determine if they're operating as they should or not

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