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Hey all


Was just wondering if I needed a tune for the following:


I recently had a dyno tune done on my WRX on stock Downpipe. Got some nice gains and came out around 302bhp.


Been wanting to buy a Blitz Exhaust but they are over $1,000 and in looking a few of my friends recommended the following exhaust




Good price for a very nice sounding exhaust and even comes with Downpipe. However, I don't want to put the Downpipe on if it would cause problems. It says it is a high flow cat so I assume around 100 - 200 cells compared to the 400 or so on stock DP.


Is there any reason to put the Downpipe on? Or if I have had a nice tune am I better to just put the catback on?



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For a road car I would just put it on and forget. If you will be going to the track, a dyno check is probably a good idea... won't need a tune I bet, just a safe check... shouldn't cost much more than the dyno bolt up cost.

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