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Brake cooling deflectors?

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First get the temperature colour changing paint on the rotors to see how hot they actually get. 
https://apracing.com/race-car/brake-pads/measuring-brake-temperature someone at the track usually knows someone with a kit, and you don’t use much. 

That sounds like a drag and dust collector if you don’t need it.


I had ducts on one car but the brakes got over 610c into them on the track. Blocked them for road use. Unless you are braking from 140kph or higher constantly then brakes cool pretty well on their own. 
if not get better discs.


actually if your stock fluid isn’t going bad then likely the brakes aren’t too hot. Plus pads like being warm making them cold isn’t great.


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The 6 pots seem to get very hot on the track,  wasn’t wanting to run a duct as its road driven alot. The standard disks suck as they are started to warp within 5000k. Going to buy some dba disks but wanting to add cooling

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Better disks won't help much if you are putting too much heat into them... you need ducting or bigger disks or both. You also need to follow proper warm up and (more importantly) cool down procedures.

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Warm up and warm down doesn’t seem to be the issue, the sixes seem to hold a lot more heat then the fours🤔.  That heat transfers too the wheels quite quickly. Changing the 19s to a more open pattern may help🤔

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Oh what pads do you use?

I had some semi ceramic one and they added around a hundred degrees to the temp. Stopped so well but got super hot.


I have DBA rotors now, but not on the car I did all the testing in. The aftermarket discs do have a bit more surface area in the vents to cool better.

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