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Wellington meet 15th Aug

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Hey team, it's that time again for another meet. We'll try the same deal as last time, meet at the riverbank in Lower Hutt at 1030 then cruise up to Paraparaumu and grab a feed for those who want to join. Hopefully we get better weather then last time, but probably not as it's still Wellington :(  Sorry Sunday was the only day my schedule allowed. Also here's the link for those on FB https://fb.me/e/H6T2ISeP

Hope to see some of you there :D 

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Hi guys, thanks to everyone that turned up today. It was good to meet even more people from the club. Sorry time got away from me a little bit.




This was the first time in years that I've been to Wendy's. Hopefully next time a few more people can join the cruise too.



Next time thinking same sort of deal but maybe on Saturday . Meet up then cruise to Wendy's then either eat there or at Raumati beach. Then for those going back to Wellington go back via the Paekakariki hill.

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