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What sort of rotors to get for a V7 STI

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I need to replace the rear rotors on my JDM V7 STi, they failed in the most recent WOF. I haven't checked the prices yet, but is it worth getting the genuine brembo replacement, or are their any good affordable aftermarket options? I'd be more inclined to keep things factory, but I suspect it will come with a ridiclous price tag because of the brembo name...



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The genuine price for the Brembos, last time I looked, was pretty vomit.


I'm running Znoelli slotted cross-drilled rotors cos that's what the last owner put on the car. So it's fair to say I've had epic mileage from them. They stop good enough but make an annoying buzzing sound if you're driving alongside a wall such as the median divider on the motorway.


(They look pretty racecar too)


EDIT: Just had a look, Brembo front rotors >$1000/piece, no thanks.

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If you want the Brembo name you can try price up a set from BNT, though these will be 'aftermarket'. I got a set of  replacement Brembo branded front rotors on a standard non-Brembo caliper BP GT and they were comparative cost to other aftermarket options.  I don't know what goes on behind the manufacturing scenes but they come in a Brembo box and all so... 

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