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Inner tie rod part for a V7 STi


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I'm trying to source a genuine inner tie rod for a V7 STI Sedan. The car came off the production line really early, first registered in December 2000, which I believe makes a difference to what part you need.


I'm pretty confident the correct part number is 34160FE00, which Partsouq unfortunately doesn't have in stock (I'm doing a bulk order from there, so would be cheaper to get it all from them).


There is a similar variant for cars from June 2001 onwards, 34160AE000, which Partsouq does have in stock. The guys from winger said they are very similar, but he wasn't sure that they were interchangeable. 


BNT and Partmaster don't have the correct part in stock, and Winger is absurdly priced... so hoping to avoid that.


Anybody able to advise if 34160AE000 would fit my car?



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3 hours ago, boon said:

I'm going to say the AE part will fit because the tie rod end that it connects to is the same part number for cars listed as using both the AE and FE inner tie rod?


@Loren @boon

I just spoke to a guy from Strong For Subaru, he said that the thread on one of them is 14mm and other is 16mm. If thats the case, it would pretty much guarantee one wouldn't fit right?


I guess the side that connects to the outer tie rod end would fit, but the ball joint side wouldn't fit


In saying that, I don't have much experience with any of this and happy to be proven wrong

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From the pics it's pretty hard to say... the AE ball joint does look chunkier than the FE and the thread def could be bigger.


If the thread on the AE is bigger, then you could possibly have it cut down to a 14mm thread... or alternatively go to the newer rack and change both rack ends to the AE.


If you are going to cut the thread on the AE... at a minimum get an engineer to assess the safety of doing that.

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@Loren  @boon I pulled the existing inner tie rod out, visually it matches to the FE, but the thread measured 16mm.. weird. In saying that, I don't really see any reason why either AE or FE wouldn't also fit. The hole on the rack which you screw the ball joint into is just an empty cavity behind it, so if the thread was slightly longer I wouldn't see why that would be a problem. And the longer thread on the side which connects to the outer tie rod wouldn't be a problem either as it would just allow you to make a more drastic change to the alignment.


I'm almost tempted to buy the AE just to find out if it fits... 

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