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engine swap from ej203 bp5 to turbo ej

alexander snyman

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hey guys just wanting to know if anyone around canterbury area would help with an engine swap and maybe transmission swap as well. i drive a legacy bp5 ej203 which is NA and auto wanting to go turbo manual. im willing to pay ofc but im not from around here so i needed a place and someone to give me a hand. my transmission is up in akl with diff, driveshaft etc and i can ship it down its just finding the right and time and place to get it done




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Agree with @Joker... unless you are a mechanic and know exactly what you are doing, and know exactly what parts you need, and can get said parts really cheap, and know exactly what is required to make it road legal... forget it.

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Hope we 'aint' discouraged you from the forum!


cars get too smart for their own good from above the Gen 3 Leggy + (2004?


better off selling what you have and buying the right car eh 




stick to it and let us know how you get on with yearly updates :D


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