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Anyone heard this noise when shifting 1st - 2nd before?

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Hey guys

I was wondering if anyone had heard of this sort of noise before and could tell me what maybe it was?


I drive my car home as usual, decided to give it a wash then I had to go for a small drive to the shop. It was after washing it I heard this weird noise.


It is kinda hard to explain but it isn't a clunk, crunch or anything it sounds like if you grabbed a plastic belt and quickly pulled it along a table and creates that kind of noise.


Or like if you start a small ICE engine with a pull cable and it doesn't quite start it makes a sort of "ngeow" and dies.


That is the sound that the trans started randomly making. The ONLY thing I did was wash the car so unless some water has got in somehwere it shouldn't have I can't think why it would have just started.


Anyone know what the sound is? Unless it isn't coming from the transmission at all and it is engine related?

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56 minutes ago, Loren said:

wet belts?


Yeah that is maybe what I thought actually.


No issues with that I assume? Will just dry off and continue as normal?


Weird it was only doing it first to second gear. I'll see how to the car drives tomorrow. If sound is gone, can chalk it down to that.


If not, well we'll get to that later hehe.

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