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Debris fell into oil galley!

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Hi all,


So today I removed the oil galley bung above cylinder number 3 to install a temperature sensor into it. It took a huge amount of torque to crack the bung free (it had Loctite of some sort and it was red coloured!)....after removing the bung all the material from the thread sealant which had hardened and just crumbled fell right into the galley to make a home inside my EJ20Y.


I haven't even cranked the engine over at all yet.


How concerned should I be?

Does anyone know where this galley leads to? Does it feed the camshafts and the rest of the top end? 



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  • Admin

Well, there's not much you can do about it now other than hope it makes its way to your oil filter and stays there.

EDIT: I guess you could get a wet vacuum with a thin tube on the end and try to slurp as much as possible out?

Assuming that gallery is the one that feeds the head, the first place it goes is the camshaft caps, then there's a few different places it can end up. I suspect if it gets as far as the camshaft/rockers it will get squashed to a microscopic paste and just become part of the oil.


All the kinda "sensitive" places on your motor have their own filter basket, like the AVCS solenoids. The turbo, hmm, I can't remember if there's a filter on that banjo fitting.


I'd say there's like a 98% chance it just ends up in the bottom of your sump or in your oil filter and goes in the bin next time you do an oil change.

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