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    I had a ”pleasure” of driving a 2016 or 17 Mazda 6 wagon for two weeks as an insurance loaner. Fuel consumption wasn't anything spectacular at all. Noisy engine that you have to push hard. Very basic multimedia etc. In all honesty I'd rather drive a 4th or 5th gen Legacy than that Mazda.
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    Why not just do the smart thing and let the GF get the practical touring car then you can keep all the toys.... That's the kind of winning strategy I'm working with
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    it’s $10 and a 40 min train ride to get it from the city on Monday long lunch time and you’re done
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    ticked over the skyline to 100,000km ODO. will chuck on TM soon enough... listed my skyline on FB started researching seriously in to GRB and talking to someone about his one for sale.
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    Listen for any nasty rattles or noise coming from cam covers and remove passenger side cover and check cam belt for wear and cracks.Purchased my bl in Nelson and drove back to Auckland with barely legal S*** tyres.Wellington to Auckland was in pouring rain and darkness.Bent a rim driving through Hamilton.
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    Was some cool cars racing too - heard a few people giving the wagon a good word in the stands. Well done!
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    That. A stereo in my Brighton 220 that I had moons ago would restart every now and then when brakes were applied. Cleaned all the earthing points I could find and never seen it happen again.
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    what is said creation ? it doesn't sound like a stock avenger ...
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    Was a hard decision to make thinking of it going to someone I didn't really know. But when my friend expressed serious interest, it was just so much easier. My bike will be my manual experience for quite a while anyway. I want to enjoy life as much I can, and driving round NZ on those adventures is something the S401 isn't very good at (fuel consumption). The Mazda will probably do me for quite a while as they're very practical cars, that go really well for what they are. Only thing I don't like is the 5 speed auto... but that's very minor.
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    Yea. Was kind of desperate the other night just wanted to get the clutch change done since there had been a few delays already with getting the wrong clutch and when we realised the bearing was stuffed it was too late and everything was closed. But got a new one and the engine is finally back in just need to finish putting all the things back on. Intercooler and what not
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    I went for a ride in a mates creation today after delivering him a new Windscreen
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    Hey man! Sorry for late response. Nah mines silver, I’m gettint a fam friend to do a dyno check on it to see if it’s running mint. Then I can see where to go from there
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    Come to the conclusion that my time has come with my S401. It'll be leaving my hands in the coming months, as I simply cannot afford to own and run it with my other half wanting to do lots of road trips, as she's seen a lot of the world, but barely any of NZ (I'm the opposite lol). I've already found its new owner, which is a good friend of mine. He'll be continuing what I set out to do with it, which is tastefully mod it, namely on the suspension side - he's not too keen to change the engine up. What will I be replacing it with? Well... a motorbike for starters - a 2019 Royal Enfield Continental GT, and as for the car, a 2010-2013 Mazda 6 GSX wagon (the update one, as they get a lot of extras standard vs the release model). Having one of those will enable road trips for the both of us, and also her to drive it, as she's not a confident manual driver, and the Mazda will be auto. I do plan to own another Subaru in my future, but the time is not now. Probably when my grey hairs start to develop lol.
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    Doesn't arrive for a week or two, but I'll post more then. The WRX is definitely a better-handling car, more mechanical, and more connected to the driver. The Stinger is a GT car so a lot more relaxing place to be, closer to a Legacy in size and intent, but also blazingly fast in a straight line. Likely to be a handful in the winter as well.
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    LOL christ no, with a popped ac joint in my left shoulder and a broken collarbone in my right, im chomping at the bit to get back out on the bike. its an addiction even a supercar couldnt match in terms of acceleration and... intensity. 200kmh along pukekohe back straight, before buttoning off early for the chicane, the acceleration is phenominal, and they are only "small" 675 cc triples. im looking at an MT09 sp next... but no, car related decisions. cant say much as its messy as hell, but yeah.
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    well, after crashing my street triple in march 2018, and the subsequent rehab process, then 6 weeks around europe over christmas, returning to nz to then biff my daytona, and subsequent healing time, i've come to some decisions. a few people know about the build saga thats happening with my v7. please do watch this space.
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    The answer is yes you can do it easily if you're using a Rev.D ecu and engine. The single turbo conversion thread should help and then you can talk to @Pappu1 and he can remap your ECU to work with the single turbo.
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    Car: 2008 jdm sti Tuned: stock engine (cute little factory turbo. Should be painted pink like the manifold. Missed marketing by Subaru there) Fuel: BP 98 Fuel economy: 7.8L/100km highway (akl-ham, roadworks and traffic) 10.8L/100km back roads (some boost and passing) 14.4L/100km pushing 8/10th on twisty roads (25-35 marked corners, gorges and mountain pass.)