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Otago Community Hospice Charity Cruise 2011

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This first post will be continuously updated, so please keep checking back.


I came up with the idea for this event after my mother passed away from cancer while in the Hospice in 2008. So the aim of the event is primarily to raise as much money for the Otago Community Hospice as possible, to say thanks. http://www.otagohospice.co.nz/funding.html

In 2010's event, we managed to raise $2,235.50 for the hospice, with just 155 cars (official count - actual number possibly higher) on a rainy day, and with the event ending three hours early! Lets try beat that this year, with lots of sunshine this time!


By charging each driver and each passenger a minimum 'donation' of $5 (higher amounts are encouraged if you can afford it) to enter the cruise. And gold coin donation for members of the public at the opening of the car show at 1pm.


- Sunday, 20th November 2011

- Meet up at Tahuna Park, Victoria Rd (Dunedin) from 9:00am to 10:00am. Please try to be there by 10:30am at the latest.

- Depart for cruise at 11:00am after a possible briefing. NO later than 11:10am.

- Gates will shut just before the cruise leaves, and will reopen when we get back. Cars which do not have a sticker on them after the cruise will have to pay to get onto the field.

- Arrive back before 1pm for food/car show etc.

- Five trophies will be available to hand out for cars on display after the cruise, best Japanese, American, European, Australian and British cars.


All exotic cars (Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, Lamborghini, Maserati, Lotus, TVR, Mercedes and so on). All muscle cars (FPV/Tickford and HSV/HDT etc cars, Corvettes, Camaro's, Mustangs and of course every other grunty V8). Classic cars (Shelby's, Jaguars, Mini's, Rover's, Triumphs and so on). Hot rods. Sports trucks/SUV's (Dodge Ram's, Ford Territory Turbos, Ford F250's etc). Japanese sports cars (Skylines, Supras, RX-7's, WRX's, EVO's, NSX's, S2000's, GTO's, 300zx/350z/370Z's and so on). Japanese 'old school' classics (Pre R30 Skylines, Prince models, DX Corollas, AE86's, RX3's and so on). Vintage cars (Model T Ford, Daimlers and so on). Race cars/track cars (if not road legal then tow them on the cruise on the trailer!).

If your car doesn't fall into any of those categories, does it have any aftermarket modifications (bigger wheels, bodykit, fancy paintwork, rare factory bodykit and so on)? If thats a yes, you can bring it along too - even if it is a 4WD/people carrier (so long as they aren't standard looking!).

This is also the perfect opportunity to get those prized treasures out of the garage, the ones that very seldom get seen by the public eye. You'll possibly have a slightly bigger chance to win a trophy and prize pack for doing so!


This event is a great chance for recruiting new members! We'll even allow you to set up wee stalls etc around the edge of the grounds so you can have somewhere for people to learn more about your club and join up!


1. Turn left onto Victoria Rd toward St. Clair, go through roundabout

2. Turn right at Forbury Rd

3. Turn left at Easther Cres just before Forbury Rd/Hillside Rd roundabout

4. Follow road as it changes to Middleton Rd

5. Turn right at Corstorphine Rd

6. Sharp left at Stevenson Rd

7. Continue on down hill

8. Turn left to the motorway on-ramp, but drive straight through into Green Island.

9. Turn right and head towards Sunnyvale (under overbridge) to stay on Main South Rd

10. Continue on Main Rd and through Fairfield

11. Right onto Morris Rd

12. Follow road as it changes to Quarry Rd then go through roundabout into Mosgiel

13. Continue along Gordon Rd and through Mosgiel

14. Turn right at Dukes Rd

15. Continue onto Three Mile Hill Rd and drive over Three Mile Hill

16. Continue onto Taieri Rd through Waikari

17. Turn right at first traffic lights onto Nairn St (past Cableways)

18. Turn right at the lights on Kaikorai Valley Rd

19. Go through roundabout and continue along Kaikorai Valley Rd

20. Continue along and back into Concord onto Main South Rd

21. Continue up hill and onto Stevenson Rd

22. Sharp right at Corstorphine Rd

23. Turn left at Middleton Rd

24. Take the second right onto Isadore Rd (continue past St Clair golf course carpark)

25. Turn left at Aberdeen Rd

26. Take the second right onto Ravenswood Rd

27. Follow down hill onto Bedford St, go through roundabout

28. Continue onto Victoria Rd and back into Tahuna Park


- Pay money to officials (passengers need to pay $5 or more too)

- Sign a disclaimer form, so we aren't liable for anything you do

- Get a small sticker put on your car to show you've paid (any cars that arrive back from the cruise without a sticker will have to pay)

- Line up and park where directed

- Do above cruise route - drive safely, its not a race!

- Arrive back and line up where directed again and wander round to see the rest of the cars and chat


- Brooklands Retirement Village

- Mag 'N Turbo

- Brian Wheeler Motors

- Hanson truck and Car Rentals

- The Rock


- Come along in your car!

- Please try to spread the word in as many ways possible, this is what is gonna make or break a big turnout.

- Volunteer on the day!

- Or let me know if you have any other ideas, anything considered!

- Donate to the offical Westpac bank account;


An account at Westpac has been set up purely for donations from those who cannot make it, for whatever reason. It will be open year round and after the event each year all funds will be removed and given to the hospice along with the proceeds of that years event.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 03-1725-0422192-000

NAME OF ACCOUNT: Otago Hospice Charity Cruise


- Original topic on Southern Skylines

- Text/ring Andrew (me) on 021 216 4593

- 'Like' the Facebook page

- E-mail me (send me a private message/text for my e-mail address)


th_DSC09364.jpg th_DSC09363.jpg th_DSC09362.jpg th_DSC09361.jpg

th_DSC09374.jpg th_DSC09394.jpg th_DSC09399-1.jpg th_DSC09448.jpg

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Hey all, updated the first post with the latest info, so please have another wee read if you haven't already. :)

Also, if you're on the Facebook Group, i have to ask you to please head over to the new Facebook page. Facebook are archiving all the old groups and its now better for an event like this to have a page instead of a group. If FB stopped changing things which aren't broke we wouldn't have this problem!

Click here to 'Like' the page: https://www.facebook.com/OtagoCommunityHospiceCharityCruise

And PLEASE spread the word to everyone who owns a car (every little bit helps, seriously!)! This event really relies on word of mouth, the hospice is in deficit this year partially due to the Chch earthquakes, so we need to raise even more than last year!

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Just a reminder about the event!

Its not this coming Sunday, but the one after - please spread the word if you haven't already!

Dougal Stevenson will be there judging the cars.

The Rock will be MC'ing the day.

Flick the Fire Engine will be there for the kids.

Green Island Lions Club's food caravan will be there (normally seen at Beachlands Speedway).

There will be a coffee car there.

And so on and so forth. Remember if you can't make it but still want to donate, the bank account details are in the first post (only $30 in there at the time of this post). :)

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