How To: Upper Cylinder Cleaner

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 boon said:
Was it proper Subaru Upper Engine Cleaner? Cos that's the good stuff.

No not the Subaru stuff, I got the Three bond stuff. Was told that its pretty much the same.

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 Andy_Mac said:
Subaru branded one was 23 when i did it about 6 months ago

Coolies, might grab a can or two next week, poor car most likely needs it!

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I did this with I think tb cleaner when my car sat for a year and I went home to get it. I ended up having a few issues, limp mode and terrible fuel economy. My spark plugs were f***Ed absolutely coated in gunk. It could be that my plugs were already on their way out and the carbon just got transferred to them? But maybe don't spend 140 or so on new iridiums only to prematurely shorten their life. (if doing this does that to spark plugs). 


But I run my car on gull 98, do 3km oil changes, owned it for approx 30,000km of its 240,000km life and top of my valves are fugly! 

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