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Im in a mood hahaha,

heres a few old pictures i have laying around of the Ex-Dunedin crew from back in the day.


My old 95 HX18


and with a painted bonet


Ric's old RXII


Chris's old GT, that Kas then bought and still has as far as I know


Mine and Millers cars


My old 96 GTB, I bought this off Miller.


Ric and Miller


The crew on one of our weekly meets


and again


A few of our cars, mine, Liam (now in Wellington) and chris


one of our arty pics


Ric posing with my old HX18 when we cleaned it up to sell


Ric at Tomohawk beack posing


Kamineko's old RA


Kamineko's Ra in the snow


The 3 Rex's in Dunedin at the time


Club Drive to Black head beach


Me breaking in my new engine (in a controlled enviroment)

If theres any oter pics floating around feel free to post them up

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 Andrew NR said:

Was that Mint GTB's Legacy without the child eating scoop on it?

she's come a long way now since i first joined the Dunedin crew Andrew.. its sad to leave at the end of this year! theres a whole lot of funny az photos and memories of the club back in those days. We were probably if not, one of the most active regions and we'd always end up having a pretty good turnout and a bit of mischief too ;)

I still remember one of the cruises we did out to Waikouiti (spelling) one night with some of the boiz and we fanged up this mean az road, literally everyone had no brakes by the end of it, super hot brakes, brake pedal went to the floor, smoke bellowing out from our wheels, it was grouse! ;D we had to stop outside this petrol station to let them cool off. A drunk local was spilling a yarn to us too lol! :D

Highcliff or 3-mile were always our proving grounds but now I think Scroggs hill road and saddle hill is a new favourite amongst the new crew nowadays and oh, Outram is a favourite for abballa!! :D :D

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[quote name='RAYDEO said:

Ahhh the wanderer returns!



Excuse me.

Dunedin. Invercargill. Dunedin. Christchurch. Dunedin. QueenstownInvercargillDunedinChristchurch. Taupo.

I rest my case, you nomad, you.

hah - you win that one.

Ahhhh the memories - dems were the days!

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