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Gen 3 Cup Holders by the Handbrake.


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Hey Guys Seems to be a common problem that these are always jamming up or staying open. Have A how to fix here. It could be other problems but this seems to be the most common of what goes wrong with them (having fixed 2 haha)

1. Undo the 3 Screws


2. Undo the 2 screws pictured and slide plate across


3. Undo this screw and take metal bracket off.


4. Make sure you have this metal rod. Its the main problem


5. Put the rod in the small hole and into the path it follows.


6 Put small bracket back on but make sure the rod goes through it and seats in properly. Put screw back in.



7. Put the other bracket back over and screw in the last two screws .


8. Where I have made two scratch marks you need to tap down here to make sure the rod cant pop out. That way it has no chance of working its way free.


9. Test it before putting it back in car.

Hopefully this will work for most of you guys.

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 jaseandjess said:

Hey Guys Seems to be a common problem that these are always jamming up or staying open. Mine on my 02 rsk was open and just would not close. Pissed me off so I took it apart and must have spent an hour trying to figure it out and how to improve. Anyway I sussed it and Im pretty sure I know how to make it last. Only thing is I have put mine together and should have taken photo progress. Anyone have on complete that isnt working? I could fix it and then put a thread up with photos on how to fix if anyone is keen?

Let us know.

Yea mine is broken, I think it is pretty much every BH/BE that is broken... How did you fix yours?

Mine is the little dinky plastic stupid thing that is broken...

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well, when I get the car back I can take a photo for you. Currently in the shop at the moment. I tried fixing it once, worked for about a month untill it broke again - I did fix it while killing about an hour in wellington harbour waiting for a ferry though lol.

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