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Wgtn: Monthly Meet WEDNESDAY 25th of Feb


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 chulozumo said:
Honestly, if they cant cater to people without booking then they will never survive hahaha. If burgerfuel can im sure they can too. If all else fails we'll wing it and find some other hipster place to eat lol

They're always busy though. Most places in Welly are, even on a Tuesday night - we often go out for a feed after 10-10.30pm. Laundry is open till at least midnight. Southern Cross, Ekim and a few others close their kitchen by 10pm. I refuse to eat cardboard!

It's O-Week too. We were at The Tasting Room on Monday night, and it was rather busy down CP!

I'm considering the train, who's keen for some beers afterwards?

Realized on Monday night how s**t the public transport is on a weekday. Trains to Hutt Valley finish by 11pm!! (That gives the AKL public transport +1, over WLG).

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Sorry not going to make it now.

Was walking to GMB from work when I found out the location had changed. No car in town unfortunately so getting to Newtown was too much hassle.

As nice as the food may be in town I think I would prefer average food somewhere else if there was good parking and fast service. Just my 2 cents. :-)

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