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Wellington Hard Park - Saturday, April 11 at 3:30pm


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Yep i saw it. Organised by locals this time round. Was wating to see if it was a Legit/legal event with permission from council etc before actually posting seems it is as of half an hour ago?

1k confirmed, 1.7k invited? Sounds like a **** storm waiting to happen like every other previous one, lets hope not though lol

CS always ends up with a small contingent, mabye those with race cars could join us as race cars always get attention and could be good publicity for the club. mabye even get the club banner/tent thing from who ever Has it etc. Do we have a flag?

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Wouldnt bother with a cruise before hand tbh, if its like any other year there will be markets encroaching on the posted time, meaning its chaos.

best option to stay together would be to turn up early, take the line of parks closest to grass bank/shops. Race cars/cars with most work centre stage, tent thing in the middle/over a car (if its big enough) with the big club sub banner.

It will be chaos

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