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 Joker said:

Ha! Took me a second....

Doesn't really matter what the car is, if it's anything post 1990 all that matters is whether it was first registered in NZ after 1 May 2010. If it was, you can't remove the cat unless you have a Motorsport Authority card.

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 alexnichol405 said:
if I want a johnny det exhaust im going to have a johhny det exhaust mother ****er

Complete with a MCM "Chopped" sticker?

Maybe a couple of "fatlace" and "hellaslammed" decals on a near-factory-height car?

Complete the look eh.

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I thinks 300mm is the figure of protrusion limit there, could always just search the virm site ya know, there's all sorts of wonderful information there (and correct)


or i think Exterior section might be more relevant (cant seem to find anything in the above link


e) exceeds the vehicle’s width by more than 100mm on either side, other than side mounted glass sheet transport racks and collapsible side mirrors, or


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150mm in the motorsport manual. if you were really building a track car you should read it.

as the cat question wasn't answered...

2. A vehicle (other than group L vehicle or a class MA or MC motorsport vehicle with a valid motorsport authority card) that was first registered in New Zealand on or after 1 May 2010 and manufactured from 1 January 1990 has a catalytic converter removed where there is evidence that one was originally fitted, and there is no written evidence issued by an entry certifier that the vehicle passed a prescribed metered emissions test in this condition (Note 5) (Note 6) (Figure 11-2-1).

so if you have a 2005 car and it was imported in 2014, no, no you can't technically.... if they notice or not is another story but it's a no,

and if you import a 1989 legacy rs, sure you can remove it.

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