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Quality Alloy Radiator for GC8 ... ?

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Hey guys,

After 4 Redline alloy radiators I'm on the hunt for one that will actually last and do the job its intended for. Has anyone used Fenix?

Please let me know where I can source a good quality alloy radiator... Otherwise will have to go back to an OEM one.


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Andy_Mac Thanks, will look into both. Have heard of Koyorad, but not Mishimoto. Hoping to find something in NZ so I can fit it over the wkend.

evowrx I've had a Redline radiator in 3 cars and all 3 leaked (4 in total)! Redline have replaced them, but no point if they don't last... You're lucky so far, just keep an eye on it.

Like everything, I guess you get what you pay for.

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Got redline in mine too, never had an issue with it. Suppose it depends on how many km you do and how it's driven. You may be unlucky.

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I am running a Silverdale alloy radiator. Used on one Targa and 10 or so sprint type events. Never had an issue with it. A little bigger than factory, but nothing too flash. Does the job well and really well priced compared to flash Japanese stuff.

Thats an Evo one from them to give you an idea:


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Thanks again guys, really appreciate it.

Optical I'm pretty set on a Koyorad, so thanks for sharing your experience. They're not cheap - around $700 landed buy you get what you pay for. Alternatively, Mishimoto who Andy_mac mentioned are similar in price, but have a lifetime warranty. M...

Munkvy Thanks, I contacted them via trademe but they don't have anything available for a GC8...

Patrickc22 Thanks, definitely worth considering. The only thing that puts me off is they look identical to the Redline versions that have leaked in my cars. I'm sure they must be better quality as they're definitely a popular alternative. I'd like to see one up close before considering at this stage.

I haven't sourced a replacement yet so won't be driving the car for a while...

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