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3.0R Mods?


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21 hours ago, sobanoodle said:


GT and 3.0R RSB are not always the same.


Partsouq lists either 20451AG080 or 20451AG021 for the chassis number of my old 3.0, check what part number is for yours.

Was significantly smaller diameter compared to ZeroSports 21mm replacement.




Wow, I just had a look and seems that mine is a 20451AG060 = 16mm

Didn't expect it to be that small ! RSB should be a huge improvement in my case :)

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On 1/16/2017 at 4:43 PM, willisnz said:

What is the consensus on who to get to tune a 3.0R?


Sounds like people have had bad experiences recently with Throttlehappy (taking months to finish tune etc..I see on FB he is sick anyway). People online seem to like XRT from Barbados. Or take it to DTech in Tauranga?


Personally leaning towards an e-tune given it's my daily and I drive like a nana and won't be doing any mechanical mods...


Still need to get the PAK file done too as I have an auto.




Many thanks Willisnz.


I hope I can contribute more here due to my time. I am not a full time tuner, since I have a day job in I.T./Telecommunications, but I enjoy what I do as you will see below.


Now you will not see much data online about any cars to a critical level unlike what you will see on Xtreme Racing Tuning (XRT). So review the information for your general knowledge.


The best value for any NA is tuning. Next is minor mods like the Intake and Exhaust system. Try to use what works.

Don't use CAI that pulls air from the engine. A nice CAI is like the BMC



Exhaust design is critical and I usually recommend Magnaflow for that, but any other design with quietness is key



Any H6 that is older than 2008 will likely have AVCS issues on the left side. AFR sensors will also need changing including the MAF sensor being cleaned or replace.



For general H6 info and thanks for my International customers, you can browse the link here for more info:



To see what the 3.0 can do, please see here:



From my experience, the major mod for the H6 5EAT is the transmission operation. Once you make the necessary changes, one can enjoy the car tremendously. Please have a read here:- http://www.xtremeracingtuning.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=122&t=509


I am not soliciting customers, but provide such information for your education. Again you will not find such detail information and comments any where else except from word of mouth from fellow mates who had cars tune from other tuners.





Subaru Expert Tuner
Subaru Diagnostics & Logging Reviewer
Engine Management Systems Tuner


[email protected]


Facebook | Remote Tuning | XRT


Viciously Tuned, Driven Hard


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I have a Tactrix  OP 2.0 in Auckland that can be borrowed. Maybe a small rental fee (box of beer) would cover wear and tear. I only say this because I'm on my second one because someone busted the first one when they broke the USB connector off.

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17 minutes ago, McDoof said:

I have a Tactrix  OP 2.0 in Auckland that can be borrowed. Maybe a small rental fee (box of beer) would cover wear and tear. I only say this because I'm on my second one because someone busted the first one when they broke the USB connector off.

Great, I might be interested.

What type of beers do you like ? :D

6 hours ago, west_minist said:

please review 



Sorry was driving. 


II offer remote tuning; so yes


I only use the Tactrix Openport 2.0 cable. It is fast. 


PM sent :)

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Might be too late here but if there are people interested in the Raptor headers then I would be keen to know when you're thinking of buying and I will jump in and get a pair too. I've got NZ New Spec B 3.0R currently with rear mufflers deleted. Sounds nice to me but I would like a bit more power without going nuts and building turbo

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