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1998 v5 STI build

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Recently started a V5 GF8 project at the start of the year and I am looking for some advice for the direction in which my build should go. So far I have a set of 17x8 Rota Grids with Michelin Pilot Sport 4's, BC gold coilovers (yet to be installed), and a 3inch turbo-back exhaust. 

I am looking to make around 220-240kw at the wheels and any advice as to how I can achieve this would be great.

I assume front mount intercooler, de-capped injectors, larger wastegate?, standalone ecu and a tune would do it, but I'd really appreciate hearing from someone with some experience on the specifics like brands, models of recommended parts.



p.s. Engine is a stock v5 STI ej207 with a vf28? turbo.

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Hey mate, 


Sounds like you have some nice things planned! to give you an idea my V7 sti made 210kw with just a 3" exhaust and reflash on the stock ECU so achieving that power shouldn't be too much of a stretch. 


I think some form of turbo which the guys on here will help you with, the exhaust, injectors and a tune would be sufficient as long as the engine is in good order. 


Looking forward to your progress :D 

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Just to clarify what I'm actually asking:

What size wastegate should I be looking to run, as well as models/brands? 

Is it necessary to decap the stock injectors for the power range I'm looking to achieve?

Does the fuel pump need to be upgraded? Fuel pressure regulator?

For ECU I'm thinking of going with a link G4 plug and play, is this a good choice?

Recommendation on what size/model of blow-off valve; Atmosphere vs Recirc etc...

And any other tips you guys can give me for my first build :)

Cheers again,



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  • Admin

I made 231wkw with a VF34. This seems to be about the limit of the VF turbos on pump gas.

To answer your questions...


-I used the standard internal wastegate, an external might help just a little with boost control but won't make a huge different to power output.

-I just had stock V7 565cc injectors and I think they were almost tapped out. You will probably have 440cc ones - unsure if they can be decapped?

-I would be upgrading the fuel pump to one of the nice in-tank options, I used an Aeromotive Stealth. Stock FPR and fuel lines etc.

-Yep G4+ is a great option

-I did all of this with a stock V7 blow-off valve

-You'll probably need a V7+ top mount, or a front mount.

-220wkw is probably the limit on a VF28


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sounds like an awesome car, will be a weapon when done :) 

The Link G4+ ecu will be hands down the best upgrade for your car, with a good tune youll get better fuel economy, idle control, cold start, more stable boost control etc etc. 


You wont be able to make much more than 190kw on the stock 440cc injectors, I've gone to set 565cc sidefeeds out of a BP legacy (cost me $30 lol) which should give a you bit more headroom or decap. Fuel pump is recommended for safety but not essential, get a Walbro 255, theyre cheapish and work really well. 

The VF28 turbo will be turning into a hairdryer above 200kw so as others said youll need a bigger top mount or a front mount to keep the air cool enough. You probably make 210kw+ on stock turbo & internal wastegate but a quality 38mm one will keep the boost stable. Stock bov is fine.


With the stock motor and turbo I wouldnt go much over 220wkw so youre not stressing either part too much. then if desired in the future, forge the motor, get a big turbo and go for 280+.

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