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2007 Legacy GT B-spec 2.5L - Romraider Stage 1 base map?


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I'm eyeing up a 2007 Legacy GT B-spec NZ-new, and wondering if anyone knows if there is a Stage 1 base map floating round which would boost performance by a bit? I've checked Romraider forums, but it's not clear.


Car is a 2.5L manual 6-speed, NZ New, so I guess ADM. Completely stock. Not sure about ECU ID or VIN or anything yet.


I had good success with a 2006 NZ-new 2.5L WRX, by reflashing with a stage1 map from the Romraider site, and it brought the car alive. Hoping I can do the same with the Legacy.


Thanks for any info.

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You wont really know for sure without an ECUID first to see if it does match any US or Aussie vehicles.


Not a big fan of them in general though. Good for someone with some tuning abilities who can use it as a starting point and then refine it for their own car from there, but not so much if you plan on just flashing and leaving long term. 


Without constant monitoring you wouldn't know for sure whether a tune is fine for your car or not. You might find even the one for your WRX would learn a few parameters here and there to keep it safe.

Half the time remapping the e-throttle response is enough to make the car feel considerably quicker. 

Although we often bag on e-tunes there is a genuine market for them from people not wanting to spend 1k+ on a full dyno+street tune from a local shop.

For stock/near stock cars wanting a mild improvement in response and power they aren't a terrible idea if you use the right tuner and are considerably safer long term than a base map from romraider.

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Cool, thanks for your intel Andy.


I found it's ECI ID: A2UG002T. Nothing specifically matches an existing tune, that I could find.


I thought a stock car would be the safest to re-map without any specialist input? You know, all the specs are known (intake, turbo, internals, injectors, fuel pump, exhaust, petrol octane, etc). So if someone came up with a good safe tune, they could distribute it and everyone with that stock car could remap and drive off laughing. Thats my noobie take on it, anyway.


The tune I uploaded to my 06 WRX was developed by a dude called Gabedude. It changed the fueling or timing slightly, and brought boost in at lower revs if I remember correctly. I checking learningview for a while after using it, and no knock. Made a big difference to the drivability of the car, almost no discernible turbo-lag, and pulls very nicely. That was about 6 years ago, and no problems yet, with some spirited driving over that time.


Anyway, thanks for you help. I didn't buy the car, it was in pretty poor condition.

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2 hours ago, keeweechris said:

. I didn't buy the car, it was in pretty poor condition.

That’s the bit that can bite you with e tune. Newer cars are closer than 10 year old cars. The wear on a car that age varies a lot. Also we have different fuel here and RON vs MON rating around the world adds issues. Even here we have multiple versions of fuel with different ethanol levels. 

compression test the motor before you tune it anyway. 

I used to make a few maps and add features to roms and it easy to load them up and compare to stock and see how much they have been changed. You should be able to understand the changes since definition files do all the hard work. 

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