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i'm installing some classic Lamco Gauges into my GC8 and was just after some tips on how i should wire in the power wire. or What i should tap into?


the last time i had them installed i think i tapped into the power wire on the headunit and the lights on the gauges would run full time, so it was hard to see the markings during the day. however this time around i want the lights to only come on when the headlights have been turned on. 


has anyone had experience of installing these gauges?


be glad of your response

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depends where you're locating them, the illumination ring around the Key or Ciggy Lighter is a good spot or 'lights'


or if you run with headlights on all day (Like i do) maybe put them on a separate circuit like the demister? (ie only comes on when you want to see them & wont do harm running demister if you have to)


just an idea : not something I've done personally, or install a switch dedicated to illumination from the same source

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How many wires are on it? On some gauges they have 2 power wires, 1 runs to power and another runs to a switched headlight source (so they dim when you turn headlights on). I'm assuming you want it to not have power unless the headlights on turned on? 

You have a few options for power sources

ACC power - Same as stereo power, so turns on with the first click on the ignition key turn

ON power -  This will turn on the same as power windows work, only running when the key is turned all the way, or the car is running

Switched via headlight - This will turn on only when the headlights are turned on, the same as the backlights on dashboard switches are illuminated when the headlights are turned on



You will need to use a volt meter to find the correct source to suit your needs, you take take headlight switched source from the likes of the back of switches on the dash, ACC and ON can be sourced from the stereo wiring.

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Are they electric or mechanical?

if it’s just the bulb then the wiring here gives the illumination colours. 


use the stereo ones they are easy to get to. Illumination I’m not sure on Subaru if it’s 12v with lights on or switched to ground but multimeter will tell you. 

check the gauges if the light 12v in 

If the gauges wire is small and lightweight fuse it inline near where you join it to the stereo loom. 

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