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WRX V7 Engine replacement

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Hi all,


I've recently purchased a '00 bugseye wrx knowing it had a blown turbo and was burning excessive amounts of oil. Unfortunately, the turbo isn't the only thing that is stuffed but the engine too as it is still puffing plenty of blue smoke at both idle and on load. I plan on doing a compression test in the next few days when I get a spare moment but I'm just pre-emptively exploring my options. What model of EJ would serve as a good replacement other than the EJ205 that is in there currently from factory? Would an engine from a twin turbo B4 be appropriate/an easy substitute? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I've just hopped on the subaru bandwagon so bare with me :)


Thanks very much.

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$1500 max dont pay anymore than that.


that being said most wreckers such as (subie doo spares) will have a bare longblock in stock... for around 1k give or take.


I've seen v7 ej205 avcs motors go for as little as $600 with proof of working order (as was still in car to test drive) on facebook.


Bloody great motors my last V7 wrx I had went very well. With minor bolt ons, it pulled well haha and never let me down. Get the same motor for the chassis. Less messing around. Plug in and go. Good luck 


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