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Manfeild Subaru Track Day Feb 19 2022


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the 'day' was announced yesterday and as of this morning there there are 10x spots left!


It's a Playday and as far as I know its 2x groups (or 1x Group) reserved for Subaru's


even if "full" there was a chance t orotate in and out to get some track time / enjoy a great day!



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Even if you're not "Tracking" Just come!


and FYI Covid Levels Depending aye :P







Manfeild Oct 1st 2021 :
During Covid Delta Alert Level 2 Manfeild is a closed venue for events.
This weekend's activity is for entrants only and sadly no spectators will be allowed. Thank you for your understanding.


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9 minutes ago, wildturkey said:

Thanks for posting.  The event info's now been updated check it out here https://www.facebook.com/events/345690580576956


We have 17 names on the track list already and 8 fully paid up.  I'll keep taking names until we reach our paid up limit of 22 then take a standby list if we need to


These Playday events run 4 groups of cars with each group able to take up to 22 cars.  We've booked 1 x group for Subarus   

each group goes out on the track for around 15-20 mins before coming in to rest up the brakes then next group goes out.  Assuming your car holds up you can expect to get 5-6 outings across the day.  Believe me that's plenty of track time!


For beginners there's usually a slower group 


Don't wana track your car? No prob just come along and hang out with the subie peeps for a catch up


Any questions post up here or message the Flat Nats page directly https://www.facebook.com/flatnats




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