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2005 BP5 Legeacy SOHC 2.0i - PCV Location?


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Today I replaced tube seals and valve cover seals as I had a worsening misfire.

I found oil in all four sparkplug tubes. This was pretty straightforward job in the end.


While doing this I was keeping an eye out for my PCV.  I found this red fitting (pic attached), but I'm not sure if this is the PCV or not?





I have the service manual but it's really not clear.

Anyone know where it is in the basic bp5 sohc 2.0i model.


Not sure how to delete spoiler field.

This is what I found in the manual.

Is this actually where it is?




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Looks like that red piece is just a reducer but could be wrong. The NA manifold I've got has the PCV in the same place as the manual but there are quite a few variations of it, some with and some without EGR ports as well.


The partsouq catalogue thinks it will go straight from the engine block to the manifold. It looks like the top hose off it is the one on the manifold just behind where you have circled. 




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