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    • I have the weekend free at this point in time.... It'd be awesome to be there!!
    • Its raspy as all hell on boost. Off boost its quiet and sedate. Polite, almost. Get her on song tho.... Lol   Oh, also installed an oven at a mates place, and currently shopping for moar bushing goodness.... Do I really need solid (cusco or similar) engine and trans bushes? Probably not. Do I want em? Does a bear crap in the woods? Lol
    • Keen to hear how your Genome sounds! I've got one sitting in the garage ready to have Vband clamps added so I can swap between it and the factory muffler if i want 100% silence.
    • Best thing you can do is put your car through a wof before you leave home, the standard for going on track is "A car up to WOF standard" thats not to say theyre going to put your vehicle through the same testing as VTNZ, but you get the idea...

      I always did the following on a car before i put it on track... Checked tyre pressure,  checked alignment changed coolant, and replaced any old hoses. changed oil and filter (dont forget sump plug seal/washer) changed fuel filter changed air filter changed brake fluid, checked pads and rotors. checked all wheel nuts removed anything loose or rattling removed sub and spare wheel (optional unless not fastened securely)
      And i always took a full tool kit and any spares i had floating around. always had a new pack of cable ties, and a few hose clamps on hand.  it was pretty common back then to arrive with a full fuel tank and bring 1 or 2 20L containers of fuel as well... depending on how much tracktime you were expecting to have.
    • Soooo, today: Pulled exhaust apart. Shoved gasket into Vbanded genome ( attached to a modified redline 3inch ss turbo back) Seperated joints, sealed gaskets with goop, reassembled.   Installed whiteline rear outrigger support lock washers   Installed whiteline positive shift kit (hoooooooly crap that made a HUGE difference to shifts)   Saw my trans mount is a bit sad, writing list for next round of mods.   Sold my "jinyu1 h-kiss ss que vee" bov for a set of alloy rear control arms.   Bought red top 6 speed shift knob   More tinkering with the speed density tune, the latest revision of the tune needs a LOT more work than the old ones. More logging to do.   In conversation with "torqued performance" for an e-tune, lets see how this goes. Busy busy day, very rewarding
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