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Seller missinformation about cambelt

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14 hours ago, iludez said:

I understand your position, you feel like the car is now tainted in some way and it's taken away your general likeness for the car and feel like you won't enjoy it as much as you would have had you known the actual truth.

Been there done that. But if it's a good car then drive it and enjoy it. Spend some $$ if you want getting the cambelt done, but I bet it doesn't need doing. Sure belts can perish with age but most of the time they are good for 10+ years

Unless you can prove they knowingly misadvertised the car then you will be wasting time at the tribunal. Things like pre purchase inspection etc comes into this here. It's all about buyer doing their due diligence.

Thanks for understanding. You are right it does decrease my likeness for the car, but my main thought process is if i sell this and spend a 7-800 more i can get a sedan with the honeycomb JDM grill that i adore. Got a wagon since they were practical and cheaper but found that it can't fit much more stuff than my mazda 6 sedan... Ill get my mechanic to look at it in the next week but will most likely sell it unless it grows on me more.


I guess ill leave the tribunal then as i did have a friend who's done a mechanic course come look at it with me so that'll probably cause me problems in the tribunal i imagine now that i think about it.


thanks for the help :)

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Or you could just keep it and buy a honeycomb grille. Get one for a few hundred and make most of that back selling the current one.


If you don't think the wagon has enough space then going to the sedans seems like a backwards step to me.

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I would never have thought that a cambelt could taint someone's appreciation of their car. Finding badly repaired crash damage sure... finding rust, finding that the previous owner never changed to oil, finding a used condom down the back of a seat... but a cambelt that might or might not need changing???

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This is my opinion.....

you brought the car, like it but really think you shouldn't of brought it and now looking for an excuse to get rid of it. 

5k difference between what you were told and what was written down is nothing to complain about. If you were told it had been done and never had, then you would have an issue I would worry about.

I can tell you that the belt can do wayyyyyyy more than a few thousand ks past their replaement date.

It sounds like you are still not 100% what car you want, wagon,sedan or coupe.

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