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    Don't try and increase the power... you have a 1.5 with no turbo, so it's going to be very hard to increase the power. I personally would not spend any money on it... just drive it the way it is and enjoy it.
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    If anything, start collecting tools, jacks, axle stands etc, start learning to maintain it yourself, you’ll save a lot, and learn a lot. Then when you get a turba it’ll be even easier
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    I think we would all concur with this statement. If you want more performance start saving and buy another car one day. You won't really get any value for money out of this one. Enjoy the Subaru life with a decent fuel bill while you can!
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    4th and blew up gearbox up at just over 420kw and swapped it out and went back to dyno
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    So we have put new turbo on and didn't quite crack 500wkw as ran out of fuel pumps. Have designed a new setup of headers and mounting turbo in front of cam covers with this coming on to full boost at 3800rpm ish. Absolutely mental when it hits boost as torque skyrockers. Gotasuby - 479.76wkwModel: 2002 V7 STI GDBDisplacement: 2.35lMods: S366 Turbo, ID1700@55psi base. ported heads, cams, fmic, 3.5" exhaust, DW300 FP, G4+, front mounted turbo. Fuel: E75Tuner: Me/SAS 
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    Yeah I had the 2.0 tho. I agree its not worth modifying too much as its only a 1.5. A nice set of wheels and tyres is definitly an option though. If you want it lowered you can put in some lowering springs but it won't make it handle better and may spoil the ride quality. If you dont have a rear sway bar i have a stock 2.0 one which came with my car of your interested. Im Unsure if they will bolt on but someone else will know. I replaced my muffler with a straight pipe which my mate did. Gave it a bit of a noise. Doesnt sound as good as the turbo versions tho. Most of all, enjoy it. I had so much fun in my one Edit: when you get bored of it, buy a wrx and the possibilities are endless however this could be the start of many bad monetary decisions
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    Curbed a wheel from a perfect set I’ve had for like, 8 years. Feelsbad.jpg Pulled some speakers from the Gf8 to measure and see if my other ones will fit, just need some spacers, got my front right speaker going again, and found my 200gig folder worth of music. Never been one for ICE, but it looks like this thing is getting some Doof Doof
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    I used to buy elf 5/30 in 20L drums, still have a soft spot for Elf. Used penrite for for a while, that was alright. Now i I just use Castrol Magnetec in the gravel express and Edge in the RA-R, funky used to go on about castrol, probably coz of Rick. Just did an oil change of the gravel yesterday, forgot it takes 6L now, man that was awkward. Back to to doing an oil change every 6 weeks or so now, so might change the flavour up a bit. Who’s gonna test out that Red Stamp for us? 😅😂
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    2007 is the border between the old and new shapes, the new ones have completely different rear suspension setups so suspect it wouldn't fit. Subru hits the nail on the head, there's plenty you can do in the cosmetic area but limited performance mods that are worth doing.
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    We have had this conversation quite a long time ago with another member that had basically the exact same car. @Subru I think it was? Any money you spend on it will probably make it worse and will reduce the resale value. Just enjoy it for what it is and save your pennies for something fast at some point in the future The only thing really worth doing is putting some adequate tyres on it.
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    i lolz at all the mentions of zee french oils. 😁
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    Headers will be off anyways, I’m planning on doing all the mounts at the same time I install the nzkw uelh and turbo. Also haven’t had upgraded engine mounts before so it’ll be comparison to stock. So lots of vibration im sure. After the turbo and various parts get installed the next big thing will end up being pretty much the entire white line suspension bushing upgrade for diffs and the like. also, when I do that I’ll have a standard set of sti headers with external gate flange and grimmspeed cross pipe up for sale.
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    The amount of uneducated bullcrap some people come up with is just amazing It's a limited version but nothing too special really. And certainly more than just 10 in NZ.
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    ❤️ haha yeah wasn't having a "go" just saw it somewhere & thought the image was semi relevant LOL
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    Three engines might be more a reflection of how you're driving rather than the oil that's going into it Haha.
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    What @BattleSnayke Motul. Get it from Toyota north shore or manakau. Cycletreads the bike shop in takapuna used to be cheapest. They had the 660 brake fluid ver very cheap too.
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    Going to attempt to make brade pads from a TRS car fit mine. Angle Grinder is my friend.
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    Someone reversed into my wagon while I was sitting in it 😑. Looks like it messed up the number plate, bent the bonnet latch support and put a medium scratch on the bumper. The condenser and radiator are both still sealed thankfully. I’ll pull the bumper off an take a closer look this weekend. Only minor damage but still pretty lame for a Friday arvo...
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    Oh, that's simple. Different oils are for the different cars I've had [emoji23] And engines! Forgot about that. RA has had 3 engines so far in my ownership lol