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Andrew NR

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 Andrew NR said:

'ol banger was awesome last night! It hangs the ass out even though it's front wheel drive and does wicked handbreakies! MintGTB and I were wetting ourselves laughing the whole time! Next stop is Scroggs Hill now that it's been graded.


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Im all G for Saturday for Brents sake.. Saturday is suppose to s*** itself from da weather forecast! lol

[quote name='Jimbob said:

i will need a ride to meet again :(


LOL.. what ever happened to fixing ya troubled car :P

engines in car, gonna put rest of engine bay together tomorrow(if cruise/meetup is on sat), and quite possible wire up boost solenoid

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Here's a list of work to be done to Ol' Banger:

- New clutch

- Fix rocker cover seal

- Cold air induction

- Remove dashboard

- Find a tacho

- Try to make mountings for the choke and bonnet release

It will be de-registered this week so no more running it on the road.

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:D I know

have not read thread but if it down have a WOF as long as it passes scrutineer should be fine etc : multiple drivers in a car should also not be a hassle and is way more fun as your actually competing against the same "class"

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The Ol' Banger is going to the scrap yard unless someone wants to buy it. I'd like $200 which is what I paid for it but at this stage I'll take just about anything.

Reason: We are losing a large number of members to Australia and Wellington which means it's unlikely to get used and even more importantly, my job situation has become desperate after Konica said they can't afford to hire me so it looks like I'll be moving back to Perth in the near future.

Also, if anyone has access to a car trailer I can borrow to tow ol' banger to the scrap yard will be awesome.

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