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C Plus brakes?

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Hey guys, called up BNT today and got quoted $47 ex GST to do rear pads on our Blitzen. Went in this arvo to get them and had my 10month old son with me who happened to be screaming his nut off. Needless to say I handed over the card and paid, got in the car, picked missus up from work and headed home. Once home I checked what I'd been given and they gave me C Plus pads. I was sure I was told $47 for the Bendix as I specifically asked for Bendix on the phone. I reckon the fucktard working there just grabbed their in house brand and thought stuff it, he won't know the difference. Anyway, anyone used these pads and if so any news to report? I'm gonna call them up in the morning and double check what I was quoted for.

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Haha I don't speed and I'm not hard on the brakes, gonna put them in this weekend and get it back to VTNZ to get the WOF. 4 and a half years of ownership and this is the first fail, not bad really. Front pads will need done in a bit but thinking of getting some 4pots and chucking them on and getting some decent pads at the same time.

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 Stoffa said:

Theyy're fine, used them on my courier van, very low dust compared to other pads. Probably not that flash if pushed really hard but they wear well and come with backing plates attached to keep the noise down

hat wud be the lowerst dust factor while stil maintaining some decent breaking (for normal road car only no track work at all)

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