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V7 STi cooler to BH/BE - Sort of how-to


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I say sort of cause I spent a lot of time swearing and not much time photo-ing, it\'s pretty self explanitory I guess. Step one:Look at the job in front of you and think "Well this is a potentially dumb idea what\'s wrong with what it has"IMG_20121025_194132.jpgThen slap yourself and say "Big is Good" and remind yourself that there\'s just something about engines that calms you downStep Two:Remove the factory cooler. It\'s not that hard - undo the mount bolts on left and right, use a super long flathead screwdriver to undo the pipe clamps on both turbos, remove your BOV, yank upwards, voila one cooler off. Take car for the vacuum hoses tucked around under the back, you can get to them easier with the cooler half lifted (or do it before if you have tiny toddler hands)IMG_20121026_085202.jpgStep ThreeCompare the size of the coolers. 8 Litres core volume on left, 4 on the right. Test fit the sti one and wonder how in gods green earth you\'ll make this fit IMG_20121026_083332.jpgStep four: This is where things get slightly more... creative. I am slightly rough (read as: rangi as all f$#@) with some things and have no patience so you could probably improve on my efforts. To get the cooler in place - I found that it literally would not fit down the gap without "massaging" the lip at the top of the firewall back a bit, and also the sides of the engine mount bracket juuuuuust touch the intercooler pipes. Bent the lip back (after removing window wipers etc) and "massaged" the bracket a bit with a big hammer. Cooler then fits down the back. In hindsight a better option would maybe have been to just whip off the intake manifold and try and slip the lot in that way - since I\'ve never done that and was short on time, I took option "use a hammer". If I was doing things again, would take off mani. IMG_20121026_092837.jpgRemember - Big is GoodStep Five: Hooray, now it fits in the gap.... but touches the firewall. Solution: use ever so slightly shorter IC-TB hose. to give it a bit of clearance. Step Six:"F#@$ my intercooler hoses don\'t reach!" You will say. "I wish I had put those silicon ones on like that guy on the internet said to do!" You will exclaim. The V7 cooler is a bit deeper and your stock hoses won\'t have a hope in hell of reaching - you\'ll need to use some silicon joiners to make this work, which are worthwhile doing even with the stock cooler. 1.75" 90 and 45 bend will see you through. Step 7: Holy cheesus I think it all fits onStep 8: Ah %$#@ it\'s touching the clutch master cylinder. Oh and look, also the wastegate actuator. IMG_20121026_094034.jpgIMG_20121026_094055.jpgMy solution was to pick one or the other - very very gingerly bent the WG nipple bit out to the side, the cooler is pretty much physically resting on it. This is not ideal but better than it hitting the clutch master... This is a job for later down the track - apparently there\'s shorter options around or a way to shorten the existing one? Only needs another 10mm or so to be safe. Step 9:Ok NOW we\'re finished, oh apart from the factory bonnet scoop / shroud is not exactly fit for purpose anymore. Will be getting a V7/V8 scoop on at some point, for now this at least works more or less. After a 10 min scenic tour around the neighbourhood the rear tank is burny hot as usual, the front tank literally feels cold to the touch - and this was sub 70km/h fanging it really trying to get some heat into things and blow off any hoses that wanted to let go. IMG_20121026_105101.jpgIMG_20121026_105944.jpg(BOV is a very temporary measure (that\'s a blocked off B4 BOV) until I get a direct bolt on job by the way also.)Now mine right now has *no* mounts - it\'s held up so to speak by the cooler pipes and fact it\'s resting on the WG actuator. I\'ll get one bent up to likely go from somewhere round the primary turbo to physically hold it *up* and rigid - the factory mounts have enough flex that they just won\'t achieve anything (oh and they don\'t fit). Hope this helps someone out - if nothing else I haven\'t seen any online which show the big cooler going onto a manual car, so good to clear that up I guess. Ooh - also, strut brace won\'t fit anymore. At all. You might be able to make one work by raising it up a bit? Pass. I was using a stock BG/BD one and not a hope of it working.

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Yeah I\'ve read that heaps as well - I\'ve left the stock duct on for now (better than none at all) - and it\'s very sealed against the core - just there\'s a bit of it above the primary getting f-all airflow.

I\'ve tried to get a bit towards it (there\'s a vent in the stock shroud meant to cool the turbo itself I guess?) but yeah, it\'s on the "to improve on" list.

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