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The "Hose 10" Mod - BE/BH


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 Marky said:

Just remove the tee-d off hose, put a straight pipe from mani to BOV (as per any other car), and from memory down at the inlet pipe there\'s a plastic T for the hose you removed and 10 to both join to the inlet pipe - just whip that out and put 10 straight onto the inlet instead

I think it's this actually.

I think I feel confident about this now.

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Just wanted to say I've blocked hose ten off and I'm driving the car like this. First impression is the primary boost has moved up to like 3 - 3.5k and when it hits it very quickly goes up to 4-5k but there's no second turbo boost happening here that I'm aware of.

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 Marky said:
Yeah that's not the effect it should have, the effect is purely to bring primary boost on quicker

Doesn't your car have a pre-existing issue of some sort anyway?

Hmm well it seem's like it's working in the opposite direction then. I thought I had an issue with the secondary not coming on as early as I thought it should be and sometimes feeling like it doesn't boost at all. As far as I know my primary has always worked pretty normal.

All I've done is pulled hose 10 off, taped it and taped off the tee it came off.

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Use the green plugs under the dash to put the car into test mode so all solenoids start pulsing. Then pump some carby cleaner through the solenoid as it opens/closes.

Backfiring during deceleration or when you button off? Venting makes them run rich when the BOV vents.

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