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Is there anyone here


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ooh yes questions! to answers I don't have but doing some digging & getting some facts





and yep we do have a box but am understanding its not up to scratch?

"We're" always looking for ways to improve this place & develop things to suit the changing needs i nthe internet and real world landscape so all idea's / updates & things are welcome

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Yes, you can no doubt do dozens of tables by SEO metrics like 'sessions' and page hits etc, but they are all irrelevant to hosting (unless your sessions take up mass disk but I digress). I believe I asked this stuff back when the migration took place and nobody seemed to have an answer. The current hosting plan/ product; what EXACTLY is it? (Link to commercial/ customer site, not vague description).

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What's asked for I can offer services. Traffic isn't really an issue and I have the ability to stand up a vps as required configured to whatever. I have a some few set up already.

In the end I think you're looking to move on a cost basis so conversation just needs to be sensible around what you want as (expectations) a product of what you want to spend.

Some one technical or with decision rights is welcome to talk to me about it. Clint pointed me here

Not really to fussed in any webmaster bits or club business. Back end OS/ dB and vps / connectivity is what I'm offering.

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 chulozumo said:
I need to renew my membership, 2X sets of calenders, and some big and small stickers/banners please. I can pay for a few banners upfront and collect money off others later. (If I could get some banners before the weekend that would be awesome)

How many $ would that be? I can't go through the store as it auto redirects to mobile and logs me out :(

we need halp with this sort of stuff

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