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Cam pulley bolt removal (why u do dis to me subaru)


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Ok so I can't get the cambelt pulley 10mm allen bolt loose from my v5 sti engine.

I've got a 600mm power bar and impact socket on it, with a mate holding the cam in place.

Won't budge...

Tips please? I've googled but nothing really super helpful...

The pulley is actually chipped anyway... So I guess I could smash the thing off and chuck it in a vice or something?

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open rocker cover, get a wrench on the part of the cam designed for it, hold it there, and then with your power bar, just maintain pressure on the bolt(undo direction) in pulses of like 10 seconds, let off, 10 seconds. repeat as needed. and a bit of CRC 556 at it wont hurt either

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