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Budget Brake Rotor Upgrade

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I've been due for some new brake rotors for a while now, with pretty bad steering wheel shudder under heavy braking and some very rusty uneven rotors:



Front Rotors - XP - DBA650

Rear Rotors - Techstop (Exedy) - EDR91294

Front Pads - Remsa Ultra Ceramic - DB1170UC (4 pot)

Rear Pads - Remsa Ultra Ceramic - DB1220UC (2 pot)

CV boot - Cedele - CBK7230 (rear inner/mine's split in half)



Sick of ugly rusty rotors, but not wanting to fork out for flash coated rotors. I've done my own using a high temp ceramic header paint. After thoroughly cleaning the new rotors with brake cleaner to remove any packing wax residue, I've masked the pad surfaces. Trimming around the edges with a razorblade:



Wanting to paint the outside edges of the rotors but not worried about the rear, I've taped completely over the back side:



All ready for 2 thin, then a final thick coat of VHT flame proof silica ceramic header paint. Chemical resistant and good for up to 1093C intermittently:



3 coats on the front. I stuffed a rag inside the rear rotors to keep the park brake face clean:



Then 2 coats on the rear outside lip, also to get into the vents properly:



Masking tape removed before the paint gets too hard. Then the edges tidied up with a flat razorblade:



Both rears done:



Rotor rear face untouched, but never seen anyway:



Finished product ready to be oven baked to cure the paint. Just waiting on matching 2 pot rear pads to arrive before fitting:



0.8 x can of paint/1 x 25m x 24mm masking tape (half a 50m roll)/Razorblade (Tajima)/Oven.


Link to my BE/BH 2 pot rear calliper upgrade thread:



Link to my 4 pot calliper rebuild/paint thread:



Also a brake pad change how to by Firenza:


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Cheers Patrick.


On ‎27‎/‎04‎/‎2016 at 8:06 PM, Guitar_Guy said:

How long are they in the oven for? And at what temperature? Fan Bake?

Can says bake at:

121C for 30min, then cool for 30min.

204C for 30min, then cool for 30min.

315C for 30min, then cool.

My oven doesn't go high enough for the final bake so I'm just repeating step 2.

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Good to see you went to Supercheap for all of this stuff :) Techstop is made by Exedy so its definitely a decent brand. XP is our cheapish brand but still okay for what you need. All this stuff is readily available so its good you listed all the part numbers. Looks real good man! Probably post photos when i do my pads and rotors soon

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