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Curiosity got the cat


Have you Test driven a BRZ?  

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  1. 1. well have you been curious enough to kick some tires?

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tried a gt86 and it was meh.


nice chassis, but not nice enough to overcome the lack of motive urge.


btw brz and gt86 have different suspension setups.


the brz is softer up front, firmer at the back; gt86 is the opposite.


or maybe the other  way 'round.


meh !


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Toyota's hotrod gt86/tr86 laps manfeild in 1:17ish and costs $85K..

Plenty of club cars that can be built for $10-15K would be quicker..

Gt86 racing is dominated by teenagers transitioning from karting ..

The cars look slow on the track but due to one make regulations they have some close battles..

Early gt86 can be bought for less than $30K but still don't excite me..

Should have come out with turbo engine and 200wkw and then they would fly..

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it would be soooo wrong to put a turbo in the 86


lightweight and a high revving motor are the key to a great sportscar.


toyota at least should lose the flat four, they have a history of great n/a revvers - 4a-ge, 3s-ge, 2zz-ge etc.


dream up a new one, lose 100 or so kg, get mates at lotus to help sort the chassis.


job done.




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