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3.0r Budget exhaust build, after some info.


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11 minutes ago, LegacyBLErbd said:

Yeah Im not 100% sure they know its a Y-join so I suspect that will be subject to change but you never know! Thanks for the info tonight, really appreciated :)

From what I remember ready-made Y-piece alone was close to around $60-80 + labour. You better double check before they start butchering ;)

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Hey man, its still on going but so far I have replaced the mid section muffler with this: https://www.redlineperformance.co.nz/product/resonator-universal-round-25-mild/

and got the 3rd cat replaced with basic y piping (cat delete).


As far as sound goes, it has made it a little deeper at idle and made everything just a fraaaction deeper overall. Volume has also increased a little as well as a touch of raspiness which was the goal. For the money (150 from pitstop) I would saaaaaay its somewhere between worth it and not worth it to be fair. If you want a sound clip I am doing car "stuff" this weekend so can add that to the list.


My next step to finish off the project is to take some spare stock mufflers, open them up, gut them out, seal them back up and chuck them on with some slightly bigger tips. This should make it considerably louder in conjunction with what I have already done and will hopefully be near what I am after.


This is my playlist of videos I have found around youtube that have a clear description of the exhaust mods and the sound it produces




My goal sound for my budget would probably be this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzeArKE3Jc8



But in reality and based on what I have done thus far, will likely be like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-BZQM54QNI



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Here are 2 vids of my old legacy.

I went back to Stock mufflers after these which I found much nicer.

Maybe not quite a budget exhaust build, but also not eccentric. In the videos I still have the Ultrex mufflers on.

Raptor headers -> Stock Cats -> Custom 2.5 inch to the Y -> 3rd cat delete -> Stock mid section and then GT Mufflers because they have better tips.

From my experience.

1.  Keep the 2 stock primary cats. They really help keep the rasp under control.

2. The stock mid resonator is actually pretty decent. 2.25" straight through.

3. Straight through mufflers at the rear or modding your stock ones with some perforated pipe between the entry and exit should give you a decent increase in volume and tone. Adding sound deadening glass or steel wool to the casing will soften and deepen the sound. 



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Thanks for the post Mr Doof.


If money wasnt an issue I know exactly what I would be doing but I dont have the luxury of easily obtaining raptor headers etc. The reso that I replaced was actually an x-force basic one, from doing my online research I would have to say it gives some good changes compared to stock but doesnt go as far as the horse S*** that is straight through. Cheers for the tip on the steel wool, I would do it to my own current stock ones, but if I dont like it I want to be able to switch back, so I picked up a second hand set of stock cans for $40.

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