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ClubSub Technical MEGA FAQ *Beta*

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In lieu of a new Technical board structure being implemented soon, here are the workings for the new FAQ posts to replace all technical stickies, and hopefully most of your searches.

This is a temporary post because it isn't helping anyone locked away while I'm too busy to finish it.

Please post additional useful links as a new post for a Mod to add to the list.

Mods, I've tried to categorise things logically and keep double-ups to a minimum. PM me any questions.









Workshop Manuals



Gadget Manuals


G4 pdf manual - evowrx


Model Codes & Specifications


JDM WRX ECUS - kamineko
JDM WRX Brake setups - kamineko




JDM Legacy applied model codes - readosnr

Legacy BL BP info - subieboy


JDM Forester applied model codes





ECU basics from ScoobyMods including reset & CEL Reading procedures











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Joker added Speed Sensor and @ tags
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- Swindog

- evowrx

- kingersman




















-Ichi Ban



Steering / Suspension







Gearbox / Drivetrain







- Rosssub


- Rosssub





- Joker

- Rosssub















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http://www.clubsub.org.nz/forum/index.php?/topic/41047-subaru-keyless-entry-remote-resolved/&do=findComment&comment=537880LEGACY Specific Discussion

General Info




Turbo Legacy homepage Written By a past member (now gone did anyone get a cache or copy of it?)




DIY Replacing coils - Durty-Sanchez
cambelt 99 B4 RSK How to - DrDarkMatter
BH5 Fuel Pump Swap - Rosssub
Twin Turbo System



Twin turbo diagrams - boostin
Inside the BBOD - by Rosssub
Turbo Conversion


The Single Turbo Conversion Thread 2.0 - ReubenH


Chassis / Driveline / Suspension






Interior / Gadgets / In Car Entertainment





How to remove legacy BE/BH side mirror glass


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Non Specific Technical Discussion

General Info


Suitable Oils






Closed vs Semi vs Open Deck Blocks

Non interference or interference

Surge Tank discussion

Running in

Turbo Oil Starvation

Caution when replacing brake booster vacuum hose

Air/Oil Separator discussion








Steering / Suspension


Remote mounted power steering reservoirs?

What did you pay for your CERT for COILOVERS/ADJUSTIES

JDM Pinks vs RCE Yellow/Black (springs)

Strut braces - What fits what?

Sway bars - what fits what

Sway bars

Whiteline Swaybars.....Who's tried them?

21mm vs 22mm Rear Sway bar?

sway bar end linkage?

caster mods

Subframe lock bolts

steal lower arms, alloy, and late model alloy lower arms

V7 STi control arm geometry

steel arm to alloy arm swap -lower balljoint issue

Control arm bushes - Liquid coming out?

STI vs Standard Hubs


Gearbox / Drivetrain


Track Pads

Track Pads #2

Track Pads #3

Street Pads

Brembo Pads

Brembo Pads #2

C Plus brake Pads

Bendix Ultimate Pads

Znoelli Pads

Endless Pads

Mintex 1166 Pads

290mm Rear R180 Rotor with 190mm handbrake shoe part code?

Cracking rotors at Trackdays

What rotors to buy?

What rotors to buy #2

To slot or not to slot?

Removing Rotors help

Brake bleeding issues

Brake master cylinders

Disabling ABS

ABS delete

Brake Cooling

Brake upgrade options?

brakes upgrade info

Brake upgrade - 2 pots or 4 pots?

Braided Brake lines

Braided Brake lines #2

Braided Brake lines #3

2 Pot rear brake conversion

2pots to my sti

difference between v6 sti four pot and brembos

4 pots and 15 inch wheels


-> check the
for more brake conversion info
Wheels / Tyres


Advice on Tyres

Tyre Choice Thread

New rubber?

new tyres

Tyre Reviews UK

What tyres for drag racing...slicks or semi slicks

RE002 or ... ?

Funny handling with RE070s

Goodyear Eagle F1's - good vs bad

toyo r888 vs bridgestone re11

Kumho 711

Toyo Proxes 4 or T1R

AutoSock: Chain replacement for snow / ice

Stretched Tyres

Small light wheels for Impreza?

Tyre pressures?




(!) mark on dash

AVS Car Security - Alarm Questions/Help Section

Setting base timing on G4

possum link ecu 4plug pinouts

laptop cord for subarus OBD I and OBD II soulutions

OBD Fault Codes (external link)

OBDII to RS232

G4 flat shiift/launch control?

ID1000 dead times on a G4

One indicator ticking faster then the other?

Map sensor rating?

Battery relocation Question

alarm + turbo timer clash


-> check the
for more error code info

Interior / Gadgets / In Car Entertainment

 WRX/STI Seats into my.....

Steering boss V4 w/Airbag?

Removing broken Key from Lock

Gauges - SHOW US what you have

Greddy profec B spec II circuit diagram / PCB pics

tactrix not working?

car air conditioning not blowing cold air

How to : Electric Seat Base Repair By Firenza 2020

Fire Extinguisher Install By Rosssub


Removing scratches from headlights

Removing scratches from headlights #2

Headlight Polishing #3

Engine bay cleaning

Is fibreglassing really that hard ?

Bonnet gas struts

cut, polish, scratch removal, general detailing questions

best polish to use so I don't get swirly patterns?

Guard flaring/rolling.

Reversed scoop

installing bonnet pins

Getting a windscreen out..

LED park lights

Park lights will not turn off


Edited by Joker
added Fire Extinguisher Install By Rosssub
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buuump for feb 2016 EEEVERY thing you want to know should be in this thread

if its not post a link or start a new thread & let us know

the forum is a shambles & this is the best way we currently know how to keep all the good stuff in one place

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  • RAYDEO unpinned this topic
  • General Member

Mega bump for the Mega FAQ thread


the FAQ button at the top menu will lead to the first page of this thread


if you cant find what you need in here, try the search thread or start a new one where you think best IE Legacy Specific forum or Electrical etc


happy to take suggestion and recommendations for threads that need to be included in here



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      Afternoon team,
      im new to the group first time posting. Im hoping some body can help me get my launch control all dialled in on my link g4x. Ive had the computer and car all tuned from chris at prestige awesome knowlegable guy super happy with the results but now im wanting to get my launch/anti lag all dialled in. Ive been reading multiple different forums etc all with different conflicking information which has made me nervious with what do i listen to this or that if you get what i mean. Now ive started to make myself familiar with my PClink software etc the past few weeks and im eager to learn how to do minor setups or tweaks etc so im not relieing on my tuner so much and obviously saving myself abit hurt in the back pocket. 
      Now back to the question at hand.... Im wondering if theres and one who could please share there knowledge and wisdom with setting all my values, timing, fuel etc when i have launch control armed and engaged, or even a launch tune file they can possibly send me to load onto my tune. Ive figured out the setup of my digital inputs turning launch control on etc and its obvisously on its pre set factory settings. It engages but doesnt sound the greatest or as angry as it should i feel. Hence reaching out to you good buggers. 
      Cheers in advance for any info and help yous maybe able to give me.
      Cheers Shaun
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