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Boxers and Beverages 12th August


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Hi all,


I feel its time for another catch up! I don't know about all of you but with this cold weather my car has been hibernating 9_9 so what better excuse to take the cover off and make BP's profits go up for the day then a ClubSub meet! 


Instead of going just for coffee this time I thought we could grab a bite to eat also.


When & Where??

12th August at 2.00pm 

Gerry's charcoal chicken 

4 Keys St, Upper Hutt, 5018


Gerry's has great food for those who haven't been and have a car park out the back for the cars and plenty of seating :D


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Yes still on if everyone is keen, What time suites everyone in the morning? would 10.30am be to early? 


I may bring the WRX after the track day it sounds like a tractor with a big exhaust leak so maybe the outlander will do haha

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1 hour ago, Subru said:

Im busy then but if you guys do anything after the coffee I could probably come. Park up esplanade at motorway end or something?

Can you put all the details on the original post so we all know whats happening :) 


Updated boss ;) cancel your plans and attend haha! 

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19 hours ago, Fizzy Toucan said:

I think we should do this even if it's raining. Bring an umbrella each. 


There is not anywhere really under cover near the coffee cart so will definitely need to take an umbrella and then after awhile move to an underground carpark such as Westpac stadium for some photos ?


(If anyone knows any other undercover places we could go please let me know)


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  • J CHILN changed the title to Boxers and Beverages 12th August

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