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Purchasing a new GTB


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Hi Team,

as the title says im looking at a new GTB to buy its got 273,000km on the body and he reckons the engine was swapped but owner isnt sure when. its had Cam-belt, water pump, tensioners, spark plugs and all front accessory belts were replaced  at 240xxxkm.


Just wondering what potential issues i could incur with this. Its a manual 6 speed.


I currently have a the same car but auto at 134,000km and wondering if this thing will just crap out on me if its done 200k


Thanks Guys!

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Its a lot of km’s whatever way you look at it.

Almost every bush if not replaced already will be fairly worn and need attention.

Get a decent independent inspection, that's the only way to really get the inside scoop on how happy everything is.

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