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Link ecu to suit 1990 RS legacy


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hey guys,


After a link ecu to suit a 1990 rs legacy loom. Is there any plug and play options available or is it just the wrx's that link make a plug in ecu for? Or would I need a wire in ecu?


Or is it possible to repin the legacy wiring to run a v3-4 wrx plug in link ecu?


I do have a possum link I could use but am considering getting a later model ecu.  If I use the possum link ecu, has anyone here had much experience with them? Can you get a good tune out of them?


Be glad of people responses.



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Plug and play is available (wrxlink v1-v2 is the same) and not that expensive for a new ecu. But they do come up sometimes second hand cheaper. I've got a base map to suit a bf5 g4+ if needed.


Could probably re pin or make an adapter but doesn't seem worth the effort.


Never played with possum links myself. Had one in my first Subaru and it run fine with the throttle down but was missing little things which would annoy me if it was a daily (unsure if it was tune or ecu capability but I suspect the later). A tuner told me it was more expensive to tune the possumlink because it takes them more time.

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