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braided break lines questions

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ok so i scored me some BF GoodRidge braided break lines for real good deal..

problem is, i have only 3.. dunno where i chucked the 4th one - me thinks its gone in the rubbish collections we had earlier and i accidently must have thrown it... >:(

after i finished kicking myself for being so foolish....

i have a question -

if i fit 3 - 2 fronts and maybe rear right i suppose - will it make a difference in terms of breaks having wierd issues sine one last hose will still be rubber. i mean things like less breaking force on 1 wheel due to rubber hose - remember its on the rear ..

my options are:


put 3 and drive (assuming there are minimal issues) - my mechanic saya this option and i kinda agree with him


put only the front 2 and sell the last one so i would have fronts = braided and rears = standard - this option if having 3 has wierd breakin effects


purchase a 4th one so i hacve a full set to put..

in this case - who has one and how much?


PS. depending on the answer i will either post in the FS section or wanted lol.. or neither

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Fit four, dont think of doing 3 !, wouldn't muck around doing two now two later

Ring around, they can be made.

Make sure they have the Correct labeling for safety standard too

Think so far you have earned The Muppet of the Week Award :)

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 Ichi Ban said:


Think so far you have earned The Muppet of the Week Award :)

haha.. fair enough ...lol..

na just weighing up my options etc...

how much do i expect to pay for 1 hose?

doing braided as planning to attand as many track days that i can this year so might as well get some points in the breaking dept...

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hoe's for the hour.. bout $150 8)

Ha ha

Probably around $50 mark

Call Cardwell racing supplies (make sure they got the all important tag on them !!)

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 newsuba said:


What did you do with your yellow STi v6 ?

Yea is the blue car yours now?

i like those wheels btw :P

id say get the other one made and do all four, failing that put the 3 on, if it brakes weird either get the forth made or put the rubber back on the rear lol

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thanks for the replies..

yea sold the 6 to my little brother.. so happy to see it stay in the family...

the 7 is my new project so doing things to it slowly.. breaks being one of them.. 8)

the wheels were to go on the 6 - yellow sti with gold mags but decided against it bro...

i guess will see everyone on track day..

hoping to get both 6 and 7 there..

altgough the 6 is very quick so i wudnt be racing it.. :P

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