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brembos on a GC/GF

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So im having a sh\t of a time finding the right rear rotors to put on a GF.

The fronts are a direct bolt on from the v8, 5 * 100pcd, 326mm diam, 30mm thick. Easy.

The rears.. totally different story. (as i run the smaller R160 rear end ((read: handbrake hub)).

I know the have to be 5 * 100pcd..thats easy.

What i dont know is:

* handbrake drum size (i think its 170mm)

* rotor diam

* rotor thickness.

I have found some "brembo" rotors at 316mm and 20mm thick but i think they are wrong, as there are some at 326mm and 30 the same as the fronts..

Can some one please help.. that actually knows.. :'( *bash head on desk*

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from Tony

cheers mate


Brembo rear discs are 316mm x 20mm.

best bet would be to get the V7+ rotors and get an engineer to make a packer for the inner drum that steps it down to your 170mm handbrake. Ths could be pressed in to hold in place. Would save some hassle in finding the rotors you need, and most likely will work out cheaper too...

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Guest boostin

Lay both discs on the bench with the bit where the studs go through facing down. Make sure they both have around the same overall height. Note pic is an unknown disc, so don't reference it back to yours.

Where it says on the top pic 68.6 on the LH side, you need to check this measurement. I imagine they will be the same. If not, when you bolt the wheel up, the disc may lock up against the backing plate where the hand brake shoes mount.


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arrr yes.. so the "depth" of the drum. Its been done lots and works.. its just the exact dimensions and corresponding rotor i was looking for.

The rears in two pots or brembo two pot are both 20mm thick so its sweet..

The brembo rotors being larger in diameter do mess with the stone gaurds i know that, so have to mod this out of the way.

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I dont rate DBA on the track what so ever and I've tried several sets they cracked in no time, found the cheaper no-name brands or 2nd hand ones performed just as well if not better lol. Currently have a 2nd hand set of brembo rotors have have lasted 4 trackdays whilst my last set of DBA's only lasted two which I was pissed about for the huge expense I paid for them.

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