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  1. I'm planning on being there at this stage
  2. Good to know - I'll be careful!
  3. I'm trying to organise to be there and even bring the little one if it all works out
  4. Nice - thanks for clarifying that for me. Awesome and good luck - following with interest
  5. No worries at all - let us know how you go at Subtech - I've never dealt with them before so it will be good to hear about your experience. I don't actually know what ceramic pads are. All I know is that I run a Znoelli SP500 pad and it seems to go alright. Looking to change to an Endless SSY at some point this year.
  6. SCA have 2 options for the front 4-pot pads. I've used both options. The Calibre one is dustier in my opinion and they both have equal performance and perform like what you'd expect for a $50 pad.
  7. Front pads wrong - you're correct. Depends what you want in a brake pad and where you align yourself along the performance vs price curve.
  8. Just looks like a standard 4-pot / 1-pot setup. The brake pad stay can be ordered from Winger Subaru for $50 delivered (same day) - I had to replace one recently How did the stay fall out? Do you still have both locating pins on each calliper? Is the spring on the inner side still present and secured through each pin?
  9. Really? Anyone here run a bearing and still have these measures in place?
  10. Yeah, I'm still not convinced that will eliminate all chances of running a bearing to be honest
  11. What about the subi-killer corner? Haha Those stories make me nervous
  12. Yup, nice - much better way to go about it now that I've purchased the entire kit.
  13. I'm keen to get on a track at some point