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  1. Yes, me. I have the complete kit for sale now on TradeMe here
  2. Phase 2 injectors can be de-capped and have been proven to flow enough fuel for 260kw. They flow roughly 550cc when de-capped. Similar to what non de-capped pinks flow. While you said you're not interested in a top-feed conversion, I have a alternative option which is a Rev D intake manifold, fuel lines, rails, pink injectors, and loom. It utilises the factory V5/6 throttle body and loom, so there's no re-wiring required. Simple bolt-on upgrade and then you'll have loads of injector head room.
  3. Found the issue. Measured each speaker wire's resistance at the loom behind the head unit and both + & - LHF speaker had 1-4 Ohms but should have been open circuit. Pulled speaker and found tabs bent. Bent back and refitted speaker and all working now. Looks like the internal amp shuts down if it sees an earth in the speakers. Problem solved.
  4. Recently upgraded the two front speakers in my GC8. Found some wiring was miss-matched so cut the head unit-to-oem plug loom up and re-soldered every wire, pin for pin correctly. Tested, all OK. Fade and balance all working now correctly. Bass and treble gains all working etc. Car went away to get painted and came back with the head unit powered on but no audio. This was about 2 weeks ago. I finally had some time to pull everything apart today to start investigating. Put a 1.5V AA battery on the speaker to confirm it works - it does. Checked the loom wasn't damaged in any way- no damage. Pulled the front speaker out and plugged in rear of car where I have vacant speaker slots with existing OEM plugs and plugged in. Still no sound. Played around with fade and balance. Checked mute button. Tried different audio sources, etc - nothing works. No sound at all or even vibrations. Check the power fuse on the rear of the head unit. It's fine. (I mean, obviously, because it powers up). But, I'm now at a loss. I get a 6 volt reading on the front and rear plugs both pins - but what does this mean? Old fella recons I should patch my speaker in directly after the head unit plug on a pair of speaker wires and if there is no audio then he recons the head unit it toast. Any help appreciated.
  5. This was interesting to read. I'm not aware of any way you can log with FreeSSM. Additionally, I've heard / read that code 43 is bogus. Not sure if true.
  6. For sure. Ithaca great spot to have a meet. Be good to catch up with you again.
  7. I was planning on going but got tied up. Really wanted to go back. Loved the variety of cars there last time. I'm sure it was simlar recently too.
  8. It's not cheap but you get a totally different car when you pick it up. Worth every cent.
  9. There is one for sale on TradeMe at the moment. Here My understanding to fit these was that you just needed the TMIC and clutch master cylinder but given your questions I can only assume that the brackets do not line up?
  10. @Pappu1 my two cents after scanning all the replies. Absolutely this company failed at carrying out the service you paid them to do - that in itself is reason for a dispute. The ideal outcome here for you would be a refund of the service fee. If you can get that - just move on and never use them again. They are in no way liable for any repairs on the vehicle and could never be held accountable - I think you already know this however. @Loren had some good points. The one I liked the most is - always go and check the car out yourself. I can sympathise with you entirely, you're in an undesirable situation - just make the best of it. I'd be extremely upset if I was in your situation. I understand it completely and you have every right to be aggrieved. Get that refund and never use them again. PS: This is a great example of 'expectation setting' with your own customers. Undesirable situations like this make you a better person and businessman if you want them to.
  11. Hey team - here a few photos from Caffeine & Classics at Smales Farm this morning. Defintitly not my best work with the lense so I'll apologise up front about that. Managed to get a S401, S203, S204, 1998 WRX, and 2004 V9 STI all close together and there were some beautiful cars there including lots of custom setups. I met @preim there too - nice to meet you bro.
  12. You are the first to hear this, but I've just ordered a very special, very expensive, ODBII reader that works with the models from the GC era. I've ordered it with international courier and will test as soon as it arrives on one of my GC's then will message you to come over and we can plug in and take a look.
  13. Nope sorry What brand? Single or twin scroll
  14. Sorry - mine is a down pipe back - is that suitable? I have a Rage twin-scroll down pipe or factory single-scroll down-pipe if you need to make it work.
  15. Thanks! I really love her too haha